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    Last week I took a road trip to the North West to attend a wedding and visit some friends & family. While I was there I made sure to visit a few places that have been on my list for awhile. This old railroad bridge was once used to move lumber, but has since been abandoned for photographers and adventure seekers. 

    Sick spot

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    Photo courtesy of Tumblr user austinkamps.

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    I was supposed to be in the Sierras right now, but my time off at work got denied. To cure a small portion of my bummer I rode out to alpine lake to shake hands with some fish, turns out they were not really into that idea. Although the fishing was flat, I did meet a dude named Pete from Idaho. He gave me all sorts of advice and he seemed to think all of his techniques were the best techniques. I didn’t see him catch anything.. but next time I go my strategy will be based off his mantra “you just gota fish like the filipinos man…”

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    top: contax g1 kodak portra vs bottom: iphone 4s / austinkamps.tumblr.com

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