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    i’m opening the door to portrait commissions which seems to be impeccable timing considering the time of year that’s approaching (toofast). 

    email me with interest, questions, and 3+ photo options 

    $150 per portrait 

    page: 14”x17” 

    portrait roughly: 4”x6”

    please be patient with me and allow a week - 2 weeks for return

    all payments will be via paypal


    (via mallorylucille)

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    I started a thing. 


    Hand-made prints, drawn and pressed by yours truly here in lovely Austin, Texas. 

    It’s small, right now, but there is more to come in the upcoming weeks and months.

    Go! Click! Post! Like! Insult! Reblog! Mock! Pin? Tweet? Buy? 

    Limited number on all prints - once they’re gone, they’re gone.

    (Also - if you’re going to repost this, please - please - keep the links and information. I hate a muddled up feed as much as anybody, but, goddammit, just leave it be.) 

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    i spent some time in the last year collecting tokens, trash, and memories for what ever reason.
    i thought it’d be nice to compile those words, works, and wrappers into a book. not sure where or how much i’ll share, but here’s a preview:

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    SF to upper peppermint camp. The bike is now an engine rebuild project, in the garage I don’t have.

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